5 photographies de sneakers qui en valent le détour !

Nos 5 photographies sneakers coups de coeur sur cet fin d’année 2018.

Selon la tenue, le style, la personne ou l’ambiance autour du quel on réalise nos shoots, la recherche du cliché parfait n’est pas une partie de plaisir. Il y a quelques années de cela, Instagram regorgeait de clichés solidement bien agencé pour mettre en valeur celle qui nous accompagne au quotidien, les sneakers. Certains photographes veulent sublimer les baskets en jouant avec les couleurs, la lumière et l’angle qui les animent, en recherchant parfois l’excellence quand il s’agit de manier de nombreux “skills” Photoshop. et c’est souvent une vraie réussite ! On a donc décidé de vous partager nos 5 photographies coups de coeur, place aux images …

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"You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with" … This is @n.sapey, absolute thug from Lyon living life to the fullest. Having great people around you is awfully contagious, you pick up so many things from them, thus why you shouldn't hang out with dickheads 😂 After all the time I've spent with Nath, I've seen the dude unhappy only like once wtf x) the positive energy around this guy is mind-blowing, always hype, always ready to follow you on that crazy mission, always on the go with his side projects. As an introvert, if you can start randomly shouting in the streets and have someone follow along without feeling retarded, you know it's a solid friendship x) What drives Nath is neither money, fame or hoes 😂 but the message behind the content he produces. He wants his work to have an impact, to tell a story, to inspire. Oh boy will he not (never hopefully) settle for a normal average life, this guy's going places, it's hard to keep up with him. I'm sort of betting he'll be in South America in 6 months, don't disappoint bro ^^ I'll see you in Asia ❤ … #sky_high_architecture #illgrammers #tv_buildings #ig_underdogz #street_activity #potretsociety #pocket_architecture #streetoftones_ #citygrammers #visualsmovement #worldoftones #artofsystem #gritty_side #urban_aisle #tv_leadinglines #acreativevisual #justgoshoot #leagueoflenses #mystiquephotos #xploreyourhood #photohunted #all2epic #minimal_people #exit_tostreet #fubiz #citykillerz #ig_tones #theimaged #visualambassadors #gramslayers

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